Welcome To Our Online Shop!

Looking for giveaways for your company branding or marketing?  Promotional giveaway products and corprorate gifts for advertising your business have a statistacally high outreach toward branding and customer awareness.  You can never predict how far a promotional item with YOUR imprint will circulate through the public and bring in new business. 

Here at Compass Litho, our custom branding services provides your business a wide variety of items you can offer your customers and enhance customer loyalty.  This range includes items such as: pens, pencils and mugs to clothing, outdoor gifts, fitness and golf accessories, commuter gifts, drinkware for sporting activities and wine lovers, handy helpers for home and office, tech accessories such as powerbanks, chargers, usbs and music products, lunchtime products and associate gifts just to name a few....

We will work closely with you to create a product design that will not only expand your marketing efforts, but also give your clients and customers something memorable to remind them of you.

Enjoy your shopping experience here and if you would like assistance with your order, call us, we're here to help.  (707) 254-9899